Our original Editor-in-Chief and webmaster was Carolyne Gould. Ms. Gould was an experienced journalist, as well as a freelance writer. Before her death on February 15, 2012, Carolyne was a retired daily newspaper editor, and she could be found chained to her computer working on websites, or engrossed in her favorite passion: genealogy. Carolyne's affiliations include: Associated Press Managing Editors Association, Native American Journalist Association, North Texas Writers Guild, Parker County Genealogical Society, National Genealogical Society and the HTML Writers Guild.

This website is currently owned and maintained by Carolyne's youngest daughter, Tina Grimes. She serves as Editor pro tem, in her mother's absence. Tina keeps Native History Magazine alive to honor her mother's memory and native heritage.


Never Apart In Heart, Mom.

"I want to help people discover how all our ancestors contributed to the growth of this country. I'd like to help correct misconceptions about Native Americans and document realities. If I can help other people along the way, I will be taking a small step in honoring the place my traditional ancestors called 'Turtle Island.'

May we all be grateful for the bounty the Creator has given each of us.
Each day is a gift. Use it wisely."

~ Carolyne Ruth Gould

Native American Turtle

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