Saturday, April 20, 2013

Native Roots

Native Roots: How the Indians Enriched America
(Native American History)

Native Roots-How Indians Enriched America
 If one is to believe conventional American history books, the white settlers in the New World recreated their European societies upon their arrival. But anthropologist Jack Weatherford, the author of Native Roots, pointedly shows that the Europeans grafted their civilization onto the deep roots of Native American customs and beliefs. Our place names, farming and hunting techniques, crafts and more--all derive from American Indians ways.

In truth, the history of Native Americans is the history of North America. To omit the significance and importance of Native Americans from our history is to negate the fabric of our very existence. For without the threads of life woven together by the heritage and culture of Native Americans, there would be no tapestry of knowledge, experience, and custom that allows our modern day way of life to exist. And in Native Roots, the author beautifully illustrates these very facts.

Jack Weatherford is a professor of anthropology at Macalester College in Minnesota. He is a specialist in tribal peoples and the author of Indian Givers, Native Roots, Savages and Civilization, and The History of Money.

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