Thursday, January 24, 2013

Investigating the First Thanksgiving Lesson Plan

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You Are the Historian:
Investigating the First Thanksgiving 

This highly informative resource was created by the staff of Plimoth Plantation. Through the website, students can play the part of Dancing Shoes, a modern-day Wampanoag Indian, and Sara, whose ancestor was Remember Allerton, one of the original colonists. Because this website can be extremely busy through the Thanksgiving holiday season, they have provided a method for downloading the program to your hardrive so you can show it to the class later. Teaching elements include:
  • A letter written by colonist wrote about the 1621 feast day provides primary-source evidence of what happened.
  • Information on how the Wampanoag lived, and celebrated at various seasons of the year.
  • The facts versus the myths of Thanksgiving.
  • How Plimoth colonists prepared for their part of the celebration.
Investigating the First Thanksgiving