Thursday, January 24, 2013

Indian LIFE Lesson Plan

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Indian Life (A Learning Game)
By Janice Freeman

(Multi-Tribal - Elementary Level)
A unique game designed to help the students learn the basics of Indian values -- That the well being of the tribe is more important than that of the individual. Conservation of natural resources, and protection of the earth is important. Male and female children have distinct roles and learn different skills. In Indian LIFE, players try to become skilled hunters and gatherers, store up food, and learn the culture of their tribe. The game is geared toward grades 5-6 social studies students. Originally designed for California students, the game should adapt to any geographical area or tribal focus. Objectives for students include being able to answer the following questions:

What kind of foods did the people of a particular tribe eat?
What skills did the young people learn?
What knowledge was passed down from older to younger people?
What activities took up much of the people's time?

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