Friday, January 25, 2013

History of the Haudenosaunee

History of the Haudenosaunee
(Resource Category: History/Culture)

EDITOR'S NOTE: During a United Nations conference on indigenous rights, held in Geneva, Switzerland in 1977, representatives of the Haudenosaunee made a public presentation regarding their history and their place in the world. There are 2 parts to this article located on another website. Part 1 enables you to learn a little about the Haudenosaunee's view of themselves and their place in the world. Part 2 describes the effects of the economy that was created with the arrival in mass, of Europeans to the North American continent.

Understanding the great changes brought through colonization is necessary to understanding the history of all Native peoples, and these lengthy articles are incredibly helpful in promoting and furthering that understanding. 

Clicking on either of the links below will take you to the full articles.

For more online information on the Haudenosnaunee, we recommend students take a virtual tour of a Mohawk village through the New York State Museum. Dioramas in this virtual tour depict life in a Mohawk Iroquois village in about 1600. The website presents scenes from the museum's dioramas about village life and agriculture. You'll even find instructions on how to build a longhouse.